An Advanced way to manage the purchasing cycle

Doctus Consulting is at the forefront in the implementation of E-Procurement platforms for the digitization of the Purchasing Cycle.

Our technological partner STUDIO AMICA Srl, was founded as an IT company specialized in products for the Public Administration. Nowadays, the e-procurement software TuttoGare PA is used by over 500 public entities in Italy. 

CPO RULES is the cloud application software distributed in Software as a Service mode. It can be used with an internet connection and a browser.

Thanks to its modular composition and the experience of our team of developers, you will have a high level of customization based on your goals. 

CPO RULES modules guarantees to optimize your procurement flow. Modules that you can activate are::

  • Supplier Management: Scouting and verification of suppliers thanks to national and international databases 
  • Marketplace: Ability to purchase from approved suppliers at pre-negotiated prices
  • Purchase process: Definition of a PO in a few simple clicks or the possibility of launching a tender based on the auction
  • Contract management: Monitoring of your orders and the contract with automatic management of the passive cycle
  • Reporting: All information in CPO Rules can be converted into reports 
  • ERP Integration: Integration of e-procurement systems with your companies’ ERP

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